KEIND Christmas Gathering: Connecting Entrepreneurs and Seeking Partnerships in the Face of Uncertainty

The Chamber of Entrepreneur Indonesia (KEIND) held its annual Christmas gathering on December 13, 2022 at the APL building in Jakarta. The event brought together influential entrepreneurs from across the country, including Jacki Ng, CEO of Fundbox, who was there to meet potential partners and distributors for electric bicycles and e-motorcycles.

The KEIND Christmas gathering provided a valuable opportunity for Jacki Ng, CEO of Fundbox, to connect with potential partners and distributors in Indonesia as the company looks to expand its business in Southeast Asia. As electric bicycles and e-motorcycles become increasingly popular in the region, the gathering served as a platform for Fundbox to explore potential partnerships and opportunities to further its presence in the market. The gathering was an important step in Fundbox’s efforts to grow its business and establish itself as a leader in the emerging market for sustainable transportation options in Southeast Asia.

The theme of the KEIND Christmas gathering, “The Certain Promise in The Uncertainty,” served as a reminder of the resilience and determination characteristic of the entrepreneurial spirit and provided hope and optimism for the year ahead. The gathering also provided a space for attendees to discuss the future of mobility and sustainability, as electric bicycles and e-motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular as environmentally-friendly transportation options. In his remarks at the KEIND Christmas gathering, Jacki Ng, CEO of Fundbox, emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and perspective in uncertain times “In uncertain times, it’s easy to focus on wins and losses. But with a good spirit, we can shift our perspective and recognize that the journey itself is what helps us become better leaders, regardless of the outcome. At the very least, it makes us more humble as individuals.”

The gathering began with a high tea and photo session, allowing attendees to network and get to know each other. KEIND’s Chairman, Mr Afda Rizal Armashita, and Vice Chairman, Mr Tritan Saputra, delivered welcome speeches emphasizing the importance of coming together as a community during the holiday season, particularly in light of the challenges faced by businesses in the past year.

Ir. Christian Kartawijaya, CEO of Indocement, delivered the Christmas message, highlighting the role entrepreneurs play in driving innovation and economic growth. He encouraged attendees to continue striving for success in the coming year.

Pastor Dr. Hendra G. Mulia led a Christmas reflection, emphasizing the message of hope and love at the heart of the holiday season and encouraging attendees to embrace values of compassion, generosity, and forgiveness.

The event concluded with a dinner featuring festive decorations and music, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

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