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Whether your customers are delivery or gig economy professionals or cycling enthusiast or individuals looking to save on commuting cost,
they may not have sufficient cash to purchase your products. 

Fundbox helps you by providing flexible installment plans to your customers. Some of our clients have seen a 3X increase in sales conversion due to our flexible installment plans. With greater sales, you will have a better inventory turnover, and with that, more resources to re-invest into your business

Why Partner with us

Fundbox aims to help you increase sales by providing your customers with convenient and accessible installment plans. Your customers will be able to apply and obtain approval for the installment plan within 5 minutes*. We offer flexible installment plans to meet your customer needs.

Providing your customers with convenient and accessible instalment plans.

With Easyride Merchant App, we can help you increase your customer’s basket size allowing them to buy the things that will help them improve their lives.

Your customers will be able to apply and obtain approval for the instalment plan within 5 minutes. With our platform, you can offer flexible instalment plans that will fit your customer needs.

Our existing merchants

We are proud to work with our merchants. Contact us today and be one of our partners in delivering  flexible installment plans.

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Be a Merchant Partner

Join us as we work to provide flexible installment plans for consumers who really need them. Whether you want to integrate a financial solution into your platform, or develop something more tailored to you, we’re here to make your products more affordable to your customers.

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