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Ready to ride your dream ebike? What are you waiting for...

Shop ebikes or bicycles at our merchant partners and pay over time with up to 36-months payment plans. With the Easyride app, say yes to more of the things you love while staying financially responsible.
Instalment option - Easyride

Not 3, not 4, but up to 36

Most of pay-later apps offer only up to 4 split payments but with Easyride? We extend up to 36 months.

It takes 2 mins. to register

Using Singpass App to register, You are now few clicks away to your dream electric bicycle. 

Zero credit card required

Flexible instalment plans to everyone even to the ones who do not have a credit card.

How to own an (E)-bicycle using Easyride

Easyride is more than just a pay later app

it helps you to plan and organise your finances and be part of community

Organised your applications, bills and invoice in one screen

All filed under the bill history, you will never miss any important information regarding your finances.

Add your contacts and share good deals with them

Your contacts are important, whether you are applying for a new e-bike or assigning them as your alternative contact. Add them for an extra benefits. 

Either you want it short and sweet or flexi and handy

The option is yours either you enjoy a 3-month interest free instalments or the more flexible monthly repayment of up to 36 months. 

3 to 36 months... choose your plans that fits your budget

Choosing flexi gives you more options. Set the amount you want to pay today and how long your tenure will be. Just swipe and tap!

Frequently Ask Questions

As long as you are of the legal age in Singapore law then Easyride is for you

It depends… Using Singpass app when registering will give you an advantage. Add your friends as contacts and it will speed up the process as well. 

Easyride is free for everyone. You will only pay for the products you will purchase.

With our merchant partner, you can purchase e-bikes, bicycles and accessories.

Sure we love questions! You can send reach us on our email [email protected] or on our social media platforms.

Join our community of happy merchants

joining our community is a great way to grow your business and take advantage of the many benefits we offer. We are excited to welcome you to our community and look forward to supporting your success

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